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Announcement: Integral Naked is now Integral Life!

Why are you here? You're here because you're intelligent, you have broad interests, and you're looking for something deeper. You have an understanding and an intuition that life is deeply interconnected and rich in meaning. You're looking for a way share, unfold, and live what you know inside.

Featuring hundreds of hours of audio and video discussions with today’s greatest thinkers, leaders, artists, and visionaries, Integral Life is a portal into the many facets of the 21st Century's cultural renaissance—including spirituality, sexuality, psychology, ecology, art, business, and politics. Through this rich diversity of subject matter runs the single thread of our mission: to weave together the many strands of our modern lives into a deeply meaningful whole...

We know you are already committed to the expansion of consciousness, both personally and for our culture as a whole. But it's a challenging and complex journey. Chances are, you have encountered a frustrating problem with most of today's institutions and belief systems: they are unable to recognize value in a variety of perspectives. Politicians routinely label the views of their opponents as "extreme", implying that they hold no truth or value at all. Religious fundamentalists deny the authority of science, while scientific fundamentalists deny the timeless wisdom contained in all religions. Even many pluralists claim that all value is relative and thereby dismiss everyone who is struggling to create real value in the world. In one field after another, mature conversations get drowned out by ideologies insisting that "the only way" is to dismiss the value of other perspectives completely.

Chances are you can already feel why these partial approaches don't work: the world is becoming more deeply interconnected in every moment. Partial solutions cannot solve our complex problems, nor can they lead us to the deep clarity and compassion to which we find ourselves called.

That is why we founded Integral Life. We are a community that will challenge you to see things in new ways, but will never tell you to simply throw away something you value. We ask the big questions. What is of ultimate concern to us as human beings? What is truth? What is right? What are the major social and political forces of our time? How do we become enlightened? How do we understand enlightenment in the context of science? What is the next step for humanity? Through it all, we invite you to find and unfold the bright grain of truth in every perspective.

Much of our site content is hosted by Ken Wilber, widely regarded as one of the greatest philosophers alive today, having devoted his entire career to exploring radical new ways of looking at ourselves and the world around us. His collected work has been termed Integral Theory, and is also called by some the first genuine "theory of everything" the world has seen.  

The more fully we can experience reality, the more freedom and fullness blossoms in our lives.  Integral is a means by which we can see—and feel!—that somehow, everyone is right in their various interpretations of reality—or, put another way, “no one is smart enough to be wrong all the time.” The Integral vision draws upon all the very best ideas throughout history—East and West, pre-modern, modern and beyond—synthesizing all of our accumulated knowledge and wisdom in such a way that we can see very real patterns emerge right before our very eyes, patterns that connect all the various aspects of our lives. Integral Theory helps to refine and empower our own perspective of the world, while opening us up to all the infinite perspectives around us, so we may share fully and freely in the most comprehensive view of reality possible. 

By signing up for Integral Life, you are helping to directly support and enable a multitude of projects, including Integral Institute and the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, groundbreaking events such as Integral Spiritual Experience and the emergence of the integral movement globally.

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Here Are a Few Things You Will Learn on IntegralLife.com:

A key insight that can save you from unintentionally moving backward instead of forward in your development• The crucial difference between growing in complexity and attaining spiritual insight, and how it can help you to interpret the world's huge variety of spiritual teachings

The profound secret preserved within the core of all religions and spiritual traditions

How to reconcile your intuition of the divine with rationality and science

Three fundamental patterns seen throughout all evolution

How polarized "energies" of masculine and feminine ways of being find unique and complementary spiritual expression

How you may be misunderstanding your psychological wounds - and how shifting your interpretations can heal them

Integral Life Membership Features

Weekly dialogues with Ken Wilber and a wide range of teachers, leaders, artists, and scholars (see below for featured guests) that help you to lead a more integral life

Weekly videos of leading teachers produced from our seminars, our production studio and other events offering insight on specific topics (e.g., meditation, relationships, money, addiction, education etc.)

Comprehensive library of content—never before has Integral content been so easy to find! The library contains hundreds of hours of audio, video, and written content, and is divided into three sections:

     • Learn Channel: Here we explore the theoretical aspects of the Integral vision, the most comprehensive and inclusive map of human experience that is currently available to us. What if we took literally everything that all the various cultures have to tell us about human potential—about spiritual growth, psychological growth, social and cultural growth—and put it all on the table"justify" class="rtecenter" style="text-align: center;"> Click here to sign up 

First month is free! No obligation.


New to Integral?
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We have the intuition that everyone is at least partially right, that no human being is capable of being 100% wrong. But how do you tell just how right everyone is? Some are more right than others—how do you tell the difference?

Integral theory is an attempt to answer that question. Here we offer some basic overviews of Integral theory and its application in the world, in many different media formats. If you are new to the Integral vision, any of these would be a wonderful place to begin your journey toward a freer and much more enriching life....

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